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I am 33, from Houston, Texas and I am a Morrissey fan.

I can't buy slippers for myself.
I can go to the store and see a bunch of pairs there.
I'll try on too many and leave with nothing.
But buy me a pair of slippers and I won't be disappointed.

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I am a living sign. And when you're dancing, and laughing and finally living, hear my voice in your head, think of me kindly cos one fine day let it be soon I'll be driving your girlfriend home with the boy with the thorn in his side who overspeeds, never gets pulled over. I would rather not go back to the old house cos it's not my home it's their home and I'm welcome no more but we can go for a walk where it's quiet and dry and talk about precious things like would you like to marry me and if you'd like you could buy the ring but these things take time and I know it's over cos you just haven't earned it yet baby and is it really so strange that you'd sneak into my room just to read my diary, these are things that kill me cos the rain it flattens my hair oh, I've made up your mind since some girls are bigger than others or easy meat and a reasonably good buy cos alma matters in mind, body and trouble loves me yet such a little thing make such a big difference when your truly, truly, truly me.

...but still you wouldn't understand good sons like you NEVER DO.

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24 hour anything, 59 diner, 99 cent only stores, alarm clocks, bad dreams, bad haircuts, being late, bound by honor, boy meets world, brown thunder, cdrs, cell phone, cemetaries, charles in charge, cheetos, chinese take out boxes, chips, chocolate cake, compact disc players, competition, concerts, conspiracies, crooked sideburns, crying, curtains, devotion, distance, double-double with a shake, dreams, driving, driving 405 past midnight, droopy, drumlines, dry hands, dvds, eek the cat, el pino, epiphone guitars, exercise, freeway underpasses, freeways, friends, galveston beach, gas prices, gel, gibson dot, glasses, guitars, hand lotion, happy days, hating, heat, his master's voice, hopes, houston, humidity, ice-e, infomercials, instrumentals, james coney island, kevin smith, laughing, learning, lies, lists like these, love, loving, maps, marching bands, montrose blvd, morrissey, movie theatres, mp3s, music, my father, my favorite cd scratched, my mother, my secret identity, my sister, nightmares, noel gallagher, not agreeing, notebooks, numbers, off peak hours, old typewriters, online journals, out of this world, peak hours, people, phone calls, pictures, politics, reading, record players, rushmore, saved by the bell, school, science, secrets, seinfeld, sheet music, shopping, sideburns, skylines, sleeping in, sleeping in the daytime, slushees, small wonder, sprite, stanley kubrick, street lights, stress, talking outloud, teenie-bopping-mallrats, texas, that intelligent puzzled dog, the beach, the internet, the jetsons, theme parks, theme songs, thinking, three's company, tom & jerry, tony roma's, traffic, trying, tuning pitch pipes, volvos, waking up, water, westheimer, whispering, work, your favorite cd scratched.

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